Event Onsite Registration System & QR Code Check-in System

Onsite Registration

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Check-in by Manual Search

Walk-in Registrations

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Common Problems in Onsite Registration

Pen and paper
Onsite Problems 2

Our Services

  • Badge Printing

    Onsite Problems 1

    Badge printing preparation time is time consuming

  • Time and effort

    Onsite Problems 2

    Lots of time and effort spent to serve guests

  • Manual Counting

    Onsite Problems 3

    Manual counting of guests takes time

  • Unprofessional

    Onsite Problems 4

    Pen and paper checkin is not professional

  • Expensive Costs

    Onsite Problems 5

    Manpower for adhoc staffs is costly

  • Registration Queues

    Onsite Problems 6

    Guests form bad impression of event when there are long queues

2 Available Modes

Staff CheckIn Self CheckIn
Required Device  Pc  iPad  iPad
QR code Check-In
Manual Search
Walk-in Registration
Onsite Badge Printing
Attendee List Upload/Export