Image Upload:
Drag and drop your preferred image into the image drop zone

Placeholder Tags:
You can add dynamic placeholders into your email simply by selecting the tags which you want. Tags are tied to the attendees in the attendee list table columns

Event Enquiries:
Highlight the text you want to add a link to and click on "Insert Link". If it is an email address, add 'mailto:' before the email address. For example: ""

Registration Button Link:
Drag and drop the button component into your desired position in the edm. Click on the button and modify the text based on your preference. In the button settings tab, you can update the url to the event's registration page.

Email Live Preview on Desktop or Mobile:
Scroll to the bottom and select the device you wish to preview the email in. All emails created are responsive by default.

Email Background Theme:
Click on the body tab on the right hand side to access the background color scheme for the email. Changes are updated in real time.

HTML Source Code:
Full HTML source code can be seen by clicking on the "HTML Source Code" button located at the top.

Add HTML Code into EDM:
Custom HTML code can be added into the email template itself. Just drag and drop the html component into the builder and edit the code in the right hand tab.

Font Change:
The font of the entire template can easily be updated in the body tab on the righht side of the builder.

Email Background Image:
Background of the image can be easily changed. Simply drag and drop your preferred image into the background image dropzone. You can adjust the image to cover the entire template too.